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Designing for Disasters

The number of natural disasters taking place across the globe has seen a recent increase of over 400% in the last year alone. There were 240 weather-related disasters in 2006, compared with 60 in 1980. In the UK – 5 million people are at risk from flooding. In the USA, 80% of American homes at risk for floods are NOT covered by flood insurance.

As the NYC hurricane, the Cumbrian floods in the UK and the recent Oklahoma tornado has highlighted, urgent action is needed to either adapt or propose disaster resilient buildings for the five million Brits and four million Americans currently living with severe storm & flood risk.

However, the widespread complacency and slowness to act on the part of all the major players – government, infrastructure companies, utilities, builders and insurers – is creating a deadly time bomb if dynamic action isn’t urgently taken.

This evening talk we will showcase disaster resilient designs produced by collaborating students from New York Institute of Technology and Oxford Brookes University during a 4 day charette in response to Hurricane Sandy.  Given the predicted growth of urban flooding, architects & designers with expertise in designing for disaster resilience will be best placed to lead some of the most important strategic planning and implementation projects of the next 10-20 years.

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Nov 14th
18:30 - 21:00
Entry fee Free

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