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Digital Detox

Let’s meet up and get Digital Detoxing



This session will be focusing on mindfulness at work, including showing you how to apply stretching and meditation to improve effectiveness.

If you are the sort of person who constantly checks your phone or never turns it off; if you can’t eat your food without Instagraming it first; if you panic if no one likes your social media posts; if you can’t concentrate; if you have few practical skills, haven’t felt creative recently or only have lunch at your desk; if this looks familiar;  if you are interested in mindfulness and believe you could have more fun and adventure by getting away from your screen and engaging with the people and the world around you – then join us!

This Meetup is for tech lovers who want to get a better balance. Each week we’ll have a presentation, a discussion of the problems tech addiction can cause, and potential solutions. And we’ll have fun too.

Organised by Zen at Work & Martin Talks

Martin Talks: I still love tech but believe we all need to strike a balance. I run the Digital Detoxing organisation and wrote the book A to Z of Digital Detoxing.

Mar 12th
19:00 - 21:00
Entry fee Free

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