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Emerge: Pioneering Social Innovation in China

Socially-motivated business is on the rise in China, presenting opportunities for knowledge-transfer and collaboration between initiatives and entrepreneurs in both countries.

To what extent is this new sector influenced by Anglo-American models of entrepreneurship and how can the Chinese develop an understanding of social enterprise that is inspired by their own traditions and culture?

Come join us to learn from experts and gain tips from practitioners. With a fresh pair of eyes on China, you will be able to consider how the emerging economy can fit into your entrepreneurial strategy.

With a panel bringing together both experts and start-up entrepreneurs sharing their own recent experiences of establishing socially motivated businesses in China, the debate will span social enterprise, sustainability, non-profit management and CSR in China and the UK. 

This unique and engaging event will be followed with an open table discussion and networking drinks. 

Tickets are limited, so be sure to book your ticket on Eventbrite.

Expert Panel:

Lawrence Bloom – Chair of expert panel

As head of Real Estate for the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Lawrence was the man behind the Hotel Environmental Manual, subsequently adopted by HRH Prince of Wales and now operational in over 5 million hotel bedrooms worldwide. Lawrence Bloom is currently engaged in very high level strategy discussions with the Chinese leadership around economic, social and environmental sustainability which he believes are inextricably linked to cultural values. He is creating with major International and Chinese participation a Swiss NPO Foundation, ”Pathway”, where he will be Co Chairman of the Formal Board. This platform has a mirror image in China “The Hanwang Forum” which will implement major transformational projects in China, and globally.

Erika Helms – Non-profits in China

Erika Helms is the Founder and CEO of Linking China Ltd, a social enterprise focused on exchanges between the Third Sectors of Europe and China, aimed at building capacities in China’s social sector. Erika worked for more than ten years in the non-profit sector in China, most recently as the Executive Director for the Jane Goodall Institute China, an international organisation, that under her leadership, established locally-registered offices in Beijing and Chengdu; and has expanded in reach and impact. She currently serves of the Board of Directors for JGI China. Erika holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University, and also previously worked for television media in China for five years.

Tristan Edmonson, CSR ASIA – CSR in China

Until 2010 Tristan worked in Beijing running a small consultancy producing market intelligence on China’s clean technology industry. He now works for CSR Asia, the leading provider of information, training, research and consultancy services on sustainable business practices in Asia and is responsible for delivering projects for European clients and acting as a bridge between their Asian and European operations.


For more information, contact Anna Levy at HUB Islington on 020 7841 8900 or email [email protected]

Jul 10th
19:00 - 21:30
Entry fee £6 – £8

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