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Feedback & Falafel: Empowering Food Choices for Future Generations

Feedback & Falafel: Empowering Food Choices for Future Generations

Every day we have the power to be able to walk into a supermarket and make choices about the food we consume… or so we may think!

In fact, we are making a choice based on what is readily accessible and available. About 50 different people or more have already pre-decided what you should have and when you should have it. So how does this impact our diet and lifestyle for present and future generations? How does marketing and communications affect our food choices and impact the environment?

Join Hibi from www.howtoeatforless.org in a discussion on how supermarket communications need a revamp to encourage the consumer to make savings, live sustainably and stay well.

Access: The event will take place on the ground floor, which has a step free automatic door. The venue also has accessible toilets, which are gender neutral. If you need any assistance to access the venue, please email [email protected] in advance so we can make sure someone is there to help.

Jul 4th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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