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Feedback & Falafel: Post Growth Institute

Feedback & Falafel: Post Growth Institute

Something incredible is happening in our economy. A new system is emerging.

The not-for-profit sector is changing dramatically, paving the way to an economy based on human need rather than greed. Increasingly, not-for-profits are generating their own income from selling goods and services, and they are reaching into markets once dominated by for-profits. Constructionmanufacturingsoftware developmentfood catering and retail are now all fair game for not-for-profit businesses. Because all of their profits must be invested back into their mission, these businesses return wealth to the real economy. And with marked advantages in terms of value creation, market reputation, innovation, human resources, governance, and productivity, not-for-profit businesses are increasingly outperforming their for-profit peers.

What if this trend continues? What businesses that place purpose ahead of profit are ushering in a new economic era?  The Not-for-Profit World is a vision of a world in which markets can facilitate collaboration, connection and caring, within ecological limits.

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Join the Post Growth Institute’s Jennifer Hinton on Tues, Dec 1st to discuss the potential of not-for-profit enterprise to transform the economy for the better.
Orders for falafels (£3) at 12:30 PM, feedback session starts at 1 PM

For more information about the forthcoming book, see: http://www.howonearth.us/

Dec 1st
13:00 - 14:00
Feedback & Falafel: Post Growth Institute
Entry fee Free

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