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Feedback & Falafel: SpaceWays


A little note about your startup:

Storage has never been so seamless. Follow our four simple steps:
Schedule. Pack. Store. Return.

Step 1. Schedule
Make an online reservation for your preferred time slot, tell us how many boxes you need and we’ll deliver the empty boxes to your home, student accommodation or office, for free. You will receive an email confirming your selected time slot.

Step 2. Pack
Pack your boxes and gather the bulky items you want to store. There’s no hurry! If you’ve chosen not to opt for immediate collection you can take up to 2 weeks to pack your personal items into your boxes. Just make sure you confirm your delivery schedule in advance.

Step 3. Store
Choose a convenient time slot for us to collect your boxes. Our professionally-trained drivers will take your boxes and items from your address to our secure storage facilities.

Step 4. Return
When you’re ready to get your stuff back, log in to your account to view what you’ve stored and choose the items or boxes you want returned. We’ll get them back to you at any location in Greater London in 24 hours.

Feedback needed:

We’d like to find out how we can best serve soletraders and entrepreneurs. Whether we are an alternative to Safestore or Big Yellow, are people using us to store product prototypes, important documents or excess stock?

Join Feedback & Falafel on Tuesday, March 17th.
Orders for falafels (£3) at 12:30 PM, feedback session starts at 1 PM
Mar 17th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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