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Feedback & Falafel: The untapped wisdom of your body

Feedback & Falafel: The untapped wisdom of your body

Thursday member host Mayan Patel is offering an interactive session focussed on awakening your whole self through the body.

Drawing on ideas from body psychotherapy and performance arts, we will ask questions about how we perceive ourselves and each other. What do our bodies reveal about us? What is the role of the body for presence, negotiation or public speaking? And how can we authentically change our way of being in the world to meet our personal and professional goals?

Through simple exercises we will gain insight into how we can create more personal impact, presence and ability to stay calm under pressure. You will leave with practical techniques to self-regulate under stress and communicate more effectively.

Mayan is a creative facilitator, performance artist and Yoga teacher and uses body/mind disciplines and creative tools to create personal change.

Please order your falafel (regular: £4, large: £5) by 12 noon.

Mar 21st
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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