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Feedback & Falafel: What are your strengths?

Feedback & Falafel: What are your strengths?

Research shows that people who use their strengths every day are 8% more productive and 15% less likely to leave their jobs, according to Gallup data.

Izzy from Applied Happiness will offer a session to:

  • Consider what your top strengths are (complete free VIA strengths survey in advance if you can).
  • Think about how these help you and how you could make more use of them
  • Can we overuse our strengths?  How can we mitigate this?
  • Identify strengths in others around us. This is key for shared success.

Izzy McRae helps people be happier through her app, The Gratitude Garden, her online course – The Happiness MBA, and working directly with businesses and charities.



Jun 13th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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