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Feedback & Falafel: What is ‘good’ work?

Feedback &  Falafel: What is ‘good’ work?

Are you a values-driven self-employer struggling to find time for yourself? Are you supporting other people but don’t have enough people to support you? Are you passionate about what you do, but overworked and underpaid?

If any of this resonates, then this F&F is for you!

In planning our summer festival on 21 June, we want to zone in this question of what is ‘good’ work? ‘Good’ both in terms of good for the world and good for you. Does it have to do with purpose? Autonomy? Financial stability? Good relationships? Flexibility?

Judgement of what is ‘good’ is of course highly subjective, and there are many definitions of ‘good’ work. But a working definition will be a useful starting point for conversation and help us plan the June event.

We’ll also be thinking about our burning questions on this subject and try to formulate a leading question for the event that will give the planning group a sense of direction going forward.

We’re introducing a new system for falafel orders: Please place your order with the CORRECT CHANGE at the host desk before 12 noon. Regular falafel: £4, Large falafel: £5

Mar 14th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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