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Feedback & Falafel: Hosting conversations that matter

Feedback & Falafel: Hosting conversations that matter

The Impact Hub community harbours an astonishing treasure of knowledge and skills. On Tuesdays, we invite Impact Hub members as well as people outside our community to offer a glimpse into their world. 

Have you ever been in a conversation where every inch of your body was present, your mind fully switched on, you completely lost your sense of time and forgot about anything else that seemed important before? Perhaps you were speaking with a loved one, an opponent, someone who inspired you or a friend with whom you shared the same passion.

Those conversations can be transformational in deepening relationships and growing compassion – whether it is with friends, family, clients, neighbours or communities you work with. And we host them all the time – at dinner tables, meetings, calls, interviews, workshops or over coffee with a friend…

How can we create spaces to hold more meaningful conversations that energise people and also allow us to harness the collective wisdom of a group? What leadership qualities are important for this? What tools and processes might enable it?

Community Lead Julia will share key insights from a 3-day training course by the Art of Hosting she attended in July. It will include an irresistibly cute toy elephant.

Order your falafel wrap (£3.50) at 12 noon, the event starts at 1pm.

Oct 4th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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