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How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking

Top-notch communication skills are a MUST in today’s competitive market, where your performance can make the difference between a BUY and a GOODBYE. Pitching, higher sales conversion rates, facilitating workshops or overall confidence – public speaking is an incredible tool for business growth and to make you stand out. In this interactive session we will be working on your ability to create a connection when in front of others – probably the most crucial part to any presentation.
Annik has over 30 years of experience… of being too scared and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of looking silly in front of others! This all reached its climax in 2011 when she decided ‘enough is enough’ and PONY Express was born, now one of London’s biggest speaker training communities. Annik loves the philosophy that experience is the best teacher; hence she is a great promoter of experiential learning through audience interaction and group work.
Aug 19th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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