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Hub Islington Christmas Party!

Hub Islington Christmas Party

So, as you are no doubt aware, this year’s Hub Xmas party is all set to take place on Thursday 11th December – Hooray!!

BUT, what you may not know, is that the Hub Islington Host team are planning a mini-Hub Xmas pantomime to accompany all the drinking, festive tomfoolery and inevitable gossip!

Now, before you roll your eyes and run for the hills, this isn’t going to be a big, extravagant affair that eats up tons of your time. Instead, we’re keen for some members who may have particular skills or hidden talents to share those with us and get involved in putting together something for a short and sweet Thursday performance (directed by our very own playwright in residence Lee Anderson – don’t worry, he’s not a diva!)

So, if you happen to be trained in circus acrobatics, great at impressions, a spoken-word genius or just have ideas and fancy messing about in a short performance – then speak to a host before Nov 21st.

The performance will take place in the Workshop space- utilising the theatrical magic of our newly installed curtains.

Get in touch with [email protected] to sign up!


Dec 11th
18:00 - 18:00
Entry fee Free

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