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Learn to LOVE your monitoring

Social Enterprise Meetup: Learn to LOVE your Monitoring

impact measurement tool
What is Monitoring?

This is the collection of data and evidence to ensure payment terms are being fulfilled for a grant or contract, either by a social enterprise or voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisation a public body (or another funder) is funding.
The National Audit Office argues that ‘monitoring, both internally for providers and externally for funders is an element of good management practice. Done well, monitoring gives all those with an interest in a financial relationship – funder, taxpayer, provider, user – – information about what is being achieved with the funding.

Why attend?

It is something we all hate. Every quarter, or thereabouts, you know the day is coming when you have to complete your funders monitoring report. And just to make the game more fun, you have some different funders, asking similar things but in a different way, resulting in you having to complete multiple forms. It is such a pain! 
And yet, it need not that way. If we think about our monitoring in a different way, then we may come to appreciate it more, and realise that in it is the key to helping your organisation survive! This session seeks to help you change your perspective on Monitoring and to see how your monitoring can in fact act as a catalyst for moving your organisation forwards.

Who should attend?

Those of you who create social businesses, enterprises or charities, bidding managers, funders, project managers, impact measurements consultants, who want to learn how to communicate effectively about their impact and constructively manage their funds and social business progression.

How to love your Monitoring?

Graham Gardener will reveal all in this session. Graham is an experienced social entrepreneur who is currently leading the development of OurCamden: a social enterprise that seeks to reduce social isolation. He has also created the Local Impact Measurement Tool to help organisations report on the difference they make. 

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May 25th
18:00 - 21:00
Entry fee Free

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