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Live Broadcast: The Future of Work and Local Economies

Live Broadcast: The Future of Work and Local Economies

Do you think that our systems of work and economy are broken?

Can you imagine a different way of doing things, fit for a more sustainable future? Join us in a live broadcast led by MIT Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer on The Future of Work and Local Economies.

Otto Scharmer is a leading global thinker on the emergence of new systems. He’ll be sharing his thinking about how work and economies are shifting and need to shift for the future and illustrate it with examples of places around the world where this is happening. Join us to watch the live session and discuss it afterwards with a bunch of interested people!

This session will be followed by further broadcasts in May and June around the future of finance and climate initiatives and the future of learning and creativity. Sign up on the Presencing Institute website to access other films and materials and take part in global discussions on these topics.

This event is free and open to all, whether you’re a Hub member or not. The building has disability access and gender neutral toilets.

Apr 20th
14:45 - 16:45
Entry fee Free

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