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Mindfulness Workshop at the Hub

In these times of never ending to-do lists, non stop emails and texts  is it possible to find a sense balance? Can we restore some calm, clarity and spaciousness in our lives?

The answer is Yes! A sense of tranquility and spaciousness is always available to us. But the problem is we don’t know how to access it.

So this workshop will show you how – using simple methods of mindfulness, meditation and self awareness it can be possible to rediscover yourself as a calm, collected, contented human being.

Not only that, you’ll learn tips to improve interpersonal connection and emotional intelligence through developing your attention.

In a fun, supportive and friendly environment we‘ll explore a variety of exercises that take us out of the worried and frenzied mind and back into a sense of connected and centred presence. There will be some fun, interactive practices and Q&A sessions.

The workshop will be guided by Andy Paice, an ex-Buddhist monastic with 20 years of meditation experience who now teaches secular approaches to Mindfulness and Meditation, and co-facilitated by Mindfulness trainer Andy Hix. Together they will explain how these practices don’t need to feel like a struggle and that accessing a fuller, calmer and deeper experience of life can be a lot easier than you might imagine.

The workshop will be of great benefit to anyone who practices meditation or mindfulness, whilst being absolutely suitable for beginners.

Venue: Impact Hub Islington

Fee for the workshop – £30

If you are interested, and willing to join us book your tickets here:


Nov 29th
14:00 - 17:00
Mindfulness Workshop at the Hub
Entry fee Free

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