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Pancake Day with Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity

In honour of Pancake Day (and something to do with Shrove Tuesday?), we’re firing up our hobs and making some pancakes!

We’re crowdsourcing toppings and all proceeds go to Hubbers, Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity.

W&GCC New logo Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity is a national charity raising funds to improve the quality of life for sick kids in children’s hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. Since our beginnings in 2003 we have helped 87 children’s hospitals and hospices and given out grants totalling over £1.78 million!

We believe every child has the right to a fun, carefree, happy childhood; yet everyday over 26,000 children are treated in hospitals and hospices in the UK.

We fund projects that will ensure that whilst in hospital and hospice care, children can still play, socialise and recuperate from treatment in a child friendly environment.  We also support mums and dads  and brothers and sisters as we know how important it is to care for the whole family. We provide free family accommodation and pull down beds for mums and dads. Our innovative rage of funding projects includes: arts, music and play therapy programmes; sensory equipment and facilities; respite care; state of the art equipment and parent accommodation.


Pancake Tuesday is open to everyone in the public, come say hi and have a pancake!



Mar 4th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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