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Pitch & Pizza: Konnektid

Interested in the sharing economy? Skills exchange? Meet Michel from Konnektid!

Michel is the founder of Konnektid and member of Impact Hub Amsterdam. He will be at Impact Hub Islington for Pitch & Pizza and he is looking forward to meet community builders and members that work on share economy.

Michel is working to build a community of knowledge sharers. They are very active in the Dutch sharing economy scene, as we are co-founders of ShareNL (dutch sharing coalition). Together with some similar companies as Peerby and Shareyourmeal we are organizing the Big Exchange (the biggest sharing / exchange market in NL).

Meet the Konnektors:

Konnektid offers peer to peer learning by helping you to find skilled people nearby.Their future vision is to become your lifelong learning companion.

We believe the potential to learn anything is right in your own neighborhood, all you need is help discovering it. That’s where Konnektid comes in. We have realized that by connecting with neighbors, the opportunities for learning new skills are endless. Plus, getting to know those around you is good for you and your neighborhood!

Konnektid was born in the village-city of Amsterdam; but the truth is that soon it won’t matter if you live in a town of 500, or a city of 20 million. We’ll always connect you to the skills and people that matter most.

You can find more about Konnektid at https://www.konnektid.com/home

Apr 29th
13:30 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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