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Feedback & Falafel: The Edge Fund

Feedback & Falafel: The Edge Fund

Edge Fund is a member-run organisation. Our members decide what we fund and how we work together. We officially launched in December 2012 and have run three funding rounds since then, distributing £120,000 to over 80 groups.

Edge Fund was initiated by a small group of philanthropists and activists in early 2012 who wanted to explore how funds could be distributed in a way that both devolves the power of donors and creates real and systemic social change. From that point we organised several meetings, attended by over 50 participants representing different communities and issues such as racism, climate change, mining, Palestine, migrants, disabled people, Travellers, corporate power, Occupy and LGBTQI and covering all levels of wealth, backgrounds and passions. We’ve also been learning from a number of inspiring social justice funds around the world, including Resist, Social Justice Fund Northwest, XminY, Global Greengrants Fund, FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund, Community Foundation for Northern Irelandand the Funding Exchange to learn how they achieve their goals.

We currently have 109 members and invite others who share our aims and values to join us. We hope to build a membership which is truly representative of all the people, communities and injustices that exist in the UK, although we appreciate it will take us some time to get there.

Learn more at Feedback & Falafel with Cath Long, from the Edge Fund.

Order falafels by 12:30 PM
Starts at 1 PM in the Boardroom


See you there, Hubbers!


Oct 14th
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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