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Reinventing Organisations: a discussion about evolutionary org models

Reinventing organisations

We recently read Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux, a book which describes in detail successful evolutionary self-organising businesses and organisations built around a deep sense of purpose.

These companies see themselves as living organisms, with no hierarchical structures. People set their own jobs and sometimes salaries within peer discussed boundaries. Most impressively employees are encouraged to be their full selves in the workplace, meaning inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere.

This idea of wholeness and self-organisation and deep purpose is deeply inspiring. These organisations show a new potential to transform culture and shift the way we think and live and work.


Discussion and mini workshop

This is an evening for entrepreneurs, cultural change makers and organisers to come together and discuss the ideas in this book.

It is intended that we not only look into the seemingly Utopian ideas in the book, but also look into the shadow side, the negatives and pitfalls of working with such models. Scepticism is welcome!

Simon Confino will be facilitating a mini workshop so we can experience some of the systems that Teal orgs use to function – such as the advice process, conflict resolution structures and productive meeting protocols.

If you would like to attend, we strongly recommend you read the book which is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reinventing-Organizations-Creating-Inspired-Consciousness/dp/2960133501 

The evening be hosted by Togetherness founder Adam Wilder and facilitated by We-Q founder Simon Confino who develops systems to help businesses and organisations implement evolutionary practices.





Introduce yourself

In the spirit of the event, we invite you to introduce yourself on the Facebook event page and list a topic arising from the book you would like to discuss.



Simon Confino

A career spanning political research, the advertising industry, brand strategy, and organisational psychology, Simon has developed a deep understanding of team dynamics, and is a facilitator of progressive change and effectiveness. He profoundly believes that we have a responsibility to reshape organisational life by placing our humanity at the centre to protect the future of our loved ones and our precious earth.

Adam Wilder

Creator of walkabout life drawing events, London’s biggest Burns night, a hot tub restaurant, a speed dating company with no talking and most recently Togetherness, a festival of intimacy and human connection, Adam has been exploring the ways we relate to each other in different ways throught his career. He is passionate about enriching the quality of contact we have with each other, from the social to the sensual to the soulful.

Feb 12th
19:00 - 22:00
Entry fee Free

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