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The “Brainy” Brainy Brunch

The Brainy Brunch is back! Impact Hub Islington opens the door once again to a new series of thought-provoking Sundays dedicated to tasty food..for thoughts!

With the help of a bunch of friendly fellow brunchers (Paola, Marta and co), we’ll be ruminating tasty food whilst experiencing through TED Talks, illusions and optical tricks the POTENTIAL of the MIND

We’ll learn what science can and still cannot explain about the mind and its processes. Together, we’ll explore the implications (and applications) of science and technology on the understanding of the human brain’s power. Stimulating conversations will be raised about intuition, illusion, perspective, visual cognition and noetic science as an alternative theory of “how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world”. Last but not the least, we’ll be enjoying the POTENTIAL of the FOOD

You’ll be sure to walk away with a few new ideas, new friends, and a full belly! What more can you ask for on a Sunday afternoon!

Brainy brainy brunch

Tickets are £5 in adv or £8 after Friday 24.
Jan 26th
11:30 - 13:30
Entry fee Free

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