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The Brainy Brunch: Disrupting Education

The Brainy Brunch: Disrupting Education

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” (Malcolm Forbes)

How can we bring more innovation to education? Does our school system teach us to think for ourselves and solve problems creatively, or is it just about filling us with facts? What lessons can we learn from the developing world, and visa versa, in terms of disruptive innovation in our education systems and in our daily lives?

In his TED talk on Education innovation in the slums, Charles Leadbetter says we are on the verge of the complete ‘schoolification’ of the world, but that we are in danger of creating a global education system based on a model from 19th century or the English education system of the 1950s. Innovation is vital, he says, if we are to make education relevant, accessible and responsive to the needs of learners.

July’s Brainy Brunch is all about education and innovation. Inspired by Leadbetter’s talk and others, we’ll be sharing thoughts on the purpose of education, and exploring ideas for new approaches to learning. Our conversations will, as usual, be served up with a side helping of tasty bagels and a lovely cuppa.

This month’s Brainy Brunch is hosted by Paul Singh, founder and CEO of Equal Education, a social enterprise dedicated to closing the Education Gap for looked after children by providing them with high-quality tuition and mentoring. At the centre of EE’s approach lies a desire to constantly add value and find creative solutions to tackle the complex social problem. (www.equaleducation.co.uk)

Buy your tickets here (£5 early bird / £8 regular)
Jul 10th
11:30 - 14:30
Entry fee Free

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