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The Brainy Brunch: Shifting from Me to We

The Brainy Brunch: Shifting from Me to We

Last month Brainy Brunch asked the question: what is the authentic me? For our next event, we move on to exploring the authentic WE.

How do we create relationships, communities, businesses and societies that work for everyone?
How can we truly collaborate and work together – both respecting diversity and difference while also acknowledging all the common threads that weave us together?

The dominant narrative of our times emphasises individualism and independence. It is also true, however, that we are deeply and fundamentally interconnected with each other and the world around us. Our lives interweave in myriad ways and our individual stories are all strands in the collective web of ‘us’. Inspiring thinker and writer Charles Eisenstein notes that:

“we are moving into a different story of self . . . the self of interconnectedness . . . the self of interbeing-ness”.

This shift from a narrowly focused ‘me’ perspective to a wider ‘we’ worldview is a vital and necessary part of responding to our crises of economic and social inequality and environmental degradation.

Debbie Warrener of Catalysing Change Agents and Andy Paice of Natural Insight Coaching, both facilitators and coaches with a passion for social and environmental change will host an interactive workshop exploring the global shift from separation to unity consciousness.

Together we’ll look at the evidence pointing towards this profound cultural shift, watch some video clips from inspirational speakers, practise a group meditation and play some fun collaborative exercises – all of which explore the evolving spirit of ‘we’ and how we can be active agents in its emergence!

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Sep 14th
11:30 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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