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Urbanistas: Expo 13.0

Urbanistas: Expo 13.0

Urbanistas is a women led (but not women only) network, empowering collaborative people to do “urban” in more social ways.

There is a strong common thread that brings us all together. It is about collaboration and that something needs to change in the way cities and urban is delivered in a time when we are more socially conscious.

Urbanistas Expo Meets

So how they work is a bit like an expo or a fair. You bring or “exhibit” your idea/project and invite participation from your fellow Urbanistas. What we need to know is what you are looking for to take things forward. It is important that you have an “ask”.

If an Urbanista can and wants to help, she will offer you her help and it’s up to you to take her up on that offer to collaborate/co-create the outcomes.

You then go and “think” and “do” together to get the project or idea off the ground outside the meet. What we’d like is for you to update us at the next Urbanistas meet to see how it’s going and what needs to happen next.


  • Light-bulb moment about an idea or project
  • Tell us you are bringing it to the next meet
  • 5-10mins to talk us through what it is, why you want to do it, what you need
  • You ask for help, support and/or collaboration
  • Urbanistas ask questions and pledge help – only pledge if you are willing and able to give it
  • Help can be anything from a contact, idea, resource, something to read or watch, time etc.,.
  • You go and do your thing together
  • Next meet you bring an update and say what needs to happen next and if you need more help
  • Tell us what we can do to promote and communicate about it

Want to present at Expo 13.0? Get in touch with Urbanistas London.

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Apr 22nd
18:30 - 21:00
Entry fee Free

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