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Visual Design Thinking: Use visual language to redesign the way you work

Visual Design Thinking: Use visual language to redesign the way you work

Research shows that we think like we speak. The first step in Visual Design Thinking, then, is learning visual language. Come learn Glyph™, a language that balances verbal and visual elements to improve the way you learn, remember, create, and communicate. After this 2.5 hour workshop, you will be bursting through that “I can’t draw” trap and stepping into your new role as a standout visual problem solver.

Come join Stanford’s Alli McKee for a workshop that will build your creative confidence and amplify your communication. With extensive experience in both business (Bain & Company + Stanford GSB) and design (IDEO + Stanford d.school), Alli has come from Silicon Valley to bring you the best of both worlds to deliver a unique experience that is challenging, fun, and fulfilling.

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About Alli McKee

Alli is an entrepreneur in Stanford’s MBA program working on her first book on visual leadership, See to be Seen. Through Stanford d.school, she founded Blot, inc. with the mission of making people more creative and connected in their work. She is now offering workshops globally on the intersection of creativity, communication, and commerce and hopes to develop the next generation of visual leaders around the world.

Website: www.learnglyph.com

Twitter: @learnglyph

Blog of Glyphnotes from Stanford: www.whypay100K.com


Sep 15th
6:30 - 21:00
Entry fee Free

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