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What’s your wildest idea for Dingley Place?

What’s your wildest idea for Dingley Place?

Our move to 27 Dingley Place doesn’t just mean more space and better facilities. It’s a huge opportunity to use our space to connect old and new ideas, people and experiments in ways that create unpredictably astonishing things. A place where elephants in the room can be named, difficult questions asked, assumptions challenged, ideas tried, failed and tried again and connections made between unlikely allies… A space for prototyping radical stuff, for example around new ways of doing work.

Does this resonate with you? What dreams and visions do you have? What energises you? What places do you know that inspire you? What kind of things could happen in our new space? Who could be there?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and dreams on this – no ideas are too crazy or ‘impractical’ at this stage! We’ll also to spend some time thinking about our core values that will support this process building on the last conversation.

This is a potentially huge opportunity for everyone at the Hub and beyond, and it will take several rounds of conversation to come to a more concrete vision… You are warmly invited to be part of it!

!! This session will start at 12:30pm (not 1pm) and hosts will take falafel orders (£3.50) at 11:30am !!

Sep 6th
12:30 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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