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Where does work end and life begin?

Where does work end and life begin?

Talk about how to maintain a healthy ‘work-life balance’ is everywhere – but does it still make sense to think of the two as separate, potentially conflicting parts of one’s life and identity? The world of work is changing to become increasingly ‘flexible’ – for better or for worse?

Having flexible working hours or remote work can be empowering tools for people with care responsibilities, for example. At the same time, the extreme ‘flexibility’ of zero-hour contracts or being constantly hooked to work via digital technology can induce more anxiety than freedom.

What does it mean to negotiate one’s boundaries around work in the context of increasing flexibility, connectivity and potential uncertainty? Do women experience this differently than men? How have these changes come about, and how new are they really? And what do they mean for the next generation?

This event is the first in a series and intended as the start of a conversation around what we mean by ‘good’ work and how we can create it. If you have thought about these questions, are affected by changes in your own work or in search for ‘good’ work, we want to hear from you! There will be space at the event to feed in your own burning questions and ideas for future conversations.



Dr Judy Stephenson, Research Fellow in Economic History, Wadham College, Oxford

Prof Gail Kinman, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology, University of Bedfordshire

Isabella Pourtaheri, People & Culture Manager, Maxus Global


William Higham, The Next Big Thing

Mar 8th
18:30 - 20:00
Entry fee Free

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