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Feedback & Falafel: Why values matter

Feedback & Falafel: Why values matter

The Impact Hub community harbours an astonishing treasure of knowledge and skills. On Tuesdays, we invite Impact Hub members as well as people outside our community to offer a glimpse into their world. 

We are surrounded by competing narratives. Politicians, campaigners, teachers, businesses and advertisers all offer stories that explain why were are where we are and draw a roadmap to a better world. We are confronted with these stories on a daily basis – on the commute into work, on TV, the radio, newspapers, through the things we buy and how we are taught in school. And they affect the way we perceive our environment and each other and influence the decisions we make.

But what makes narratives powerful? What role do we play in shaping them? Can language change existing power relations?

Julia from Impact Hub Islington will take you to the world of values to look at these questions and share a practical tool developed by the Common Cause Foundation, which helps organisations think through their communications from a values perspective.

Order your falafel wrap (£3.50) at 12:30pm, the event starts at 1:30pm.

Apr 26th
13:30 - 14:30
Entry fee Free

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