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Work isn’t working – Can we co-create a radical vision for the future of ‘good’ work?

Work isn’t working – Can we co-create a radical vision for the future of ‘good’ work?

This event is part of the Unusual Suspects Festival, which runs across different London venues from 14-16 June 2017.

Work has become one of the most defining aspects of our identity. ‘What do you do?’ is a question that is supposed to reveal rich information about someone’s interest, ability and achievement. We are are told we can be and become whoever we want to be. But if our success is down to our own efforts, it means that our failures, too, are of our own making. This can make struggle and failure a source of shame and anxiety. According to the NHS, 40% of all work-related illness in 2015 was due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Society tells us to value meaning in work, whilst the education and work opportunities that would allow people to find fulfilling work remain wholly inadequate. But what if each citizen had a basic income that would allow them to explore what they really care about? What if we were taught to define our own success instead of being led by financial constraints or what other people think? What if work was a vehicle to serve a collective purpose rather than individual gain?

At this event, you will hear insights from people who have been working with building blocks for a radically different way of working. From introducing a Universal Basic Income policy to job-sharing at all levels and exploring the potential of a more flexible employment market (for the benefit of employees), we will explore various elements that could support such a vision. You will also get a chance to reflect on your own experience of work and share your challenges, ideas and visions of what ‘good’ work could look like.

Speakers include:

This event will be live illustrated by the wonderful and talented Ariadne Radi Cor.

Join us in our collective enquiry into what ‘good’ work means, now and in future!

This event has now sold out but will be live-streamed on the Impact Hub Islington Facebook page. Join us online!

Access: The event will take place on the ground floor, which has a step free automatic door. The venue also has accessible toilets, which are gender neutral. If you need any assistance to access the venue, please email Julia ([email protected]) in advance so we can make sure someone is there to help.

Jun 14th
18:30 - 20:30
Entry fee Free

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