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Workshop: Create Your Balance In Work And Life

Create Your Balance In Work And Life


Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and you don’t know how to get off? Do you struggle to balance different areas of your life, and you’re not sure how to get that balance right?

In reality, the ‘right’ balance will be different for each of us, and the key is to find your perfect balance. Even when you’ve figured out your perfect balance, there will still be times where this is thrown off course as different priorities come and go, and the pressures of day-to-day life take hold.

The concept of ‘balance’ can cause anxiety and stress for a lot of us, but what if there was a way of firstly figuring out your perfect balance, and secondly learning how to adapt as priorities change? What if you could learn to be confident and flexible in either accepting you’ve steered off course, or re-focusing to get you back on track?

Whether you’ve started your own business, you’re looking to promote in the organisation or industry you’re in, or you’re looking to create a flexible working or portfolio career lifestyle, there will be a balance between work and life that suits you. The trick is unlocking this balance fit and creating success (whatever that is for you) in both your work and home life.

We’ve taken the best of coaching, career and motivational psychology practices and research, and have created a practical step-by-step guide to creating your perfect balance.

This workshop is £30 to attend, RSVP here.
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What will be covered?
  • The six steps to creating your perfect balance in all areas of your life
  • Building a balance strategy plan – giving you the confidence and clarity to make decisions about where to focus your time and energy
  • Being your own ‘Director of Energy’, carrying out regular ‘balance audits’ and creating your success (defined by you)
What will you take away?
  • Clarity about the six key steps to creating the perfect balance for you in all areas of your life
  • A practical balance planning strategy, bespoke to your situation, created by you during the session
  • Knowledge of how understanding your personal values and purpose are vital to creating your balance, increasing happiness and reducing stress
  • Understanding of how you can build your resilience and learn to ‘bounce forward’ when you hit a roadblock
  • Strategies and tools you’ll be able to implement immediately that will help you feel confident in taking control of how you direct your energy and time
Who is this course for?
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to find a balance between everything they’re juggling in order to create business success
  • Those looking to create a flexible working life or a portfolio career, and want to direct their energy and time in the most effective way to create the outcomes that are important to them
  • People that want to promote within the organisation or industry they’re currently working in, and want this to fit in with the rest of their life
  • Those who want confidence to make decisions about how they spend their time, energy and resources to create the ideal balance between all of their priorities in life
  • People who want to increase their happiness levels and reduce stress, at work and at home
  • Those who want to create a flexible approach to maintaining balance in their life, by learning how to adapt their approach and by using a variety of ways to assess and create balance depending on the situation

Note: This course is for those that are ready to take action and create the life that works for them. This is a practical workshop, so expect to leave raring to go, ready to put what you’ve learnt into practice!


Gemma Roberts is a Director at KONA Coaching. Gemma is a chartered psychologist, specialising in coaching psychology, personal development, career development and building resilience. She has spent over 10 years working with organisations such as Nestle, BP, HSBC, National Australia Bank, Qantas to name a few. Gemma has worked across sectors and industries, always with a focus on people development, leadership and coaching.

Jan 27th
18:30 - 20:30
Entry fee Free

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