What does being a member of Impact Hub mean to you?

nikki levitan members impact hub islington

Nikki Levitan

"I am not alone - part of a tribe. A place to grow and thrive."

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milena bottero members impact hub islington

Milena Bottero

"It's nice to feel like part of a community. Being an entrepreneur or self-employed can be lonely, especially in a …

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rob reason members impact hub islington

Rob Reason

"A calm environment to work (and occasionally play)!

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claire harmer members impact hub islington

Claire Harmer

"So much more than just a co-working space. Hosts actively encourage sharing, being creative (like by the option to set …

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adam woodhall members impact hub islington

Adam Woodhall

"It gives me a space to hang out with awesome, open-hearted, proactive, interesting people and connect with that energy.…

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emma roberts members impact hub islington

Emma Roberts

"It means being part of a friendly, caring, supportive, inclusive community where everyone is equal and valued. It'…

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laura robertson members impact hub islington

Laura Robertson

"Being part of a community of interesting intelligent people doing exciting tings and having a place to work that inspir…

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mayan patel members impact hub islington

Mayan Patel

"Connecting with a community and individuals who have a vision for a more positive future. It inspires me and gives me h…

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andy hix members impact hub islington

Andy Hix

"Having a place to work I love being in. Knowing my mood will be lifted by coming in. Feeling supported, being inspired …

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Members at Impact Hub Islington



Say their their wellbeing has improved as a result of being a member



Of our members say they are more connected to people sharing their passion



Of members access better working infrastructure and connection to advisers, experts and supporters

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