Open Courses

With 2021 around the corner and uncertainty set to be a constant, we’re offering a series of courses for people who want to spend time on their personal development and learning how to adapt their business for the future.

We’re partnering with Koreo and drawing on decades of experience working with civil society leaders in pursuit of change to bring these courses to you!


Prices start from just £550 per course, £730 if sponsored by your organisation.

Talk to us about available bursaries and group discounts!

What to expect

  • A three-month learning programme, combining powerful content with structured, highly personalised development opportunities
  • Directly delivered by experienced facilitators, skilled at working in a digital environment
  • Small group learning for shared experiences, with designed in high challenge and high support to get the best from you
  • 100 day practical challenge, tailored to you and the situations confronting you, an opportunity to experiment, tune and embed your most powerful insight

Meet the Courses

Facilitating Collaboration

One of the most consistent demands of modern leadership is the ability to hold space for others to make their most profound contribution.

At Koreo the success of all our work continues to depend on our ability to create and hold spaces for people, organisations and networks to reflect on and develop their most powerful contribution in a rapidly changing world.

Drawing on that experience, this course shows you how to draw on a range of facilitation models and methods to restore order to chaos, lead and manage people with empathy, care and ambition. This course will enable you to re-gain control and build capacity among colleagues and partners to think creatively, make decisions and co-ordinate action, with or without Zoom.

At times of personal or collective change, the value of being truly alongside people in their learning and development can be transformative.

At Koreo we are interested in coaching as a tool for social change, which is why coaching spaces are at the heart of much of our work, from the Community Leadership Academy to our work with organisations like Mind and the Health Foundation.

This course will introduce you to a range of methods for coaching individuals, enabling you to unlock performance and resilience in the face of change.

This course has the option of accreditation with the Institute of Leadership & Management, and so will be relevant whether you’re looking to become a coach yourself, or interested in applying coaching skills in your work.

Holding Space for SensemakingAction Learning is a form of group coaching, created by Reg Revans in the 1970s. Revan’s Law is one we think about a lot: “for an organisation to survive, its rate of learning must be at least equal to the rate of change in its external environment”.

At Koreo we use it to help individuals, teams and organisations find solutions to complex problems affecting their work. In Action Learning a group comes together and, with the help of a facilitator, goes through a process of open problem-solving. Taking part helps people become skilled at question-making, develop self-awareness, improve their listening skills, and develops their ability to apply a level of objectivity to an issue.

On this course you’ll work with experienced action learning facilitators from the Koreo team to learn about the method and how to apply it. We’ll introduce you to action learning set design and facilitation and give you the skills and confidence to enable leaders to think more deeply, test their judgment and grow their understanding of themselves and each other

Leading Change

This course will introduce you to some of our most powerful approaches to developing your own leadership capacity, and cultivating it in others.

Drawing on Koreo’s long experience delivering leadership programmes across the UK civil society, this course will help you take stock, re-set and develop a personal leadership approach suited to seeking societal change in turbulent times.

This course will start by inviting you to gain deeper personal insight, understand your preferences and embed an adaptive leadership practice. We will also introduce ways of framing the challenges you face and pivoting your leadership approach to match.

We see leadership as a continual, intentional and committed exploration into how we can make our most profound contribution in the world. We trust in peoples’ ability to create change in themselves and their contexts, support them to develop awareness of themselves as part of the wider systems they are part of, and create spaces for them to explore their contribution.