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Impact Hub Islington is a creative collaboration with Koreo & 00 to develop a thriving community of social and sustainable business community with a strong local contribution.

Koreo is a talent consultancy dedicated to social change.

We mobilise talent to address the defining issues of our time, and we do that by developing people, organisations and networks.

We believe that talent is the fundamental force of social change, that social impact should be part of all work regardless of sector, and that collective action is the only way to address the causes and symptoms of complex issues.

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About 00

Zero zero is a collaborative studio of architects, programmers, social scientists, economists, strategic and urban designers, connected by a shared practice of pushing design beyond its traditional borders.

By visiting Project 00, you can follow the story of a family of practices came together and how it has grown organically over the last ten years. Building from a few individuals based out of Impact Hub Islington into a vibrant ecosystem of changemakers now exploring a variety of exciting ideas. Looking at the Project 00 family of Impact Hub Brixton, Impact Hub Birmingham, Impact Hub Westminster, Wikihouse, OpenDesk, Architecture 00, Studio Weave, and more – we realised that this was the kind of collaborative, richly diverse and innovative future that we wanted to cultivate Impact Hub Islington within.